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Protecting Our Planet

Voices of people who recognize we're all in this together and must learn ways to waste less and consume more wisely.

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 The Climate-Friendly Food Guide Humankind   181 

The Climate-Friendly Food Guide
Download the Climate-Friendly Food Guide for free! This explains the diet-climate link, ways to eat more sustainably, delicious recipes and more! Tell your friends! [more]

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 Doctors' Movement to Avert Nuclear War Humankind   132, 133 

Doctors' Movement to Avert Nuclear War
A Harvard medical professor tells the story of how he united with a Soviet cardiologist to launch a physicians movement to end nuclear war that recruited 150,000 doctors worldwide and won the Nobel Peace Prize. [more]
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 Facing the Unthinkable Humankind   218 

Facing the Unthinkable
Ira Helfand, a former emergency room physician, describes the psychology of denying that nuclear arms pose an existential threat, and he maintains that even governments fail to grasp the true potential of these weapons. [more]
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 Frances Moore Lappe Humankind   77 

Frances Moore Lappe
Frances Moore Lappe, author of "Hope's Journey" as well as the classic "Diet for a Small Planet," discusses her work over more than three decades to raise public awareness about the need to improve systems of global food distribution. [more]
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 Green Congregations Humankind   113 

Green Congregations
Rev. Sally Bingham of San Francisco, lay organizer Steve MacAusland of Boston and members of a concerned church discuss the movement for a religious response to climate change that has spread to more than 4,000 U.S. congregations. [more]
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 The Green Economy Humankind   135 

The Green Economy
As environmental visionaries see it, the future of energy is not in greenhouse gas-emitting fuels like oil and coal -- whose supply is running out -- but in sustainable, non-global warming sources like wind and sun and waves from the ocean and in the enormous storehouse of heat that naturally occurs deep underground. [more]
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 Healthy Planet, Healthy People Humankind   134 

Healthy Planet, Healthy People
Cultivating the crops for animal feed involves tremendous energy use, from pumping water to producing fertilizer. Thus, becoming a vegetarian can significantly reduce a person's "carbon footprint" -- the amount of greenhouse gases their lifestyle is responsible for. For a limited time, this show is available to listen to free of charge. [more]
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 Hope in Action Humankind   173,174 

Hope in Action
Rather than dwell on self-defeating pessimism, some environmental experts are focusing on powerful local initiatives as well as steps individuals can take toward a future that is both sustainable and attainable. Also, a conversation with Bill Moomaw, one of the world's leading climate scientists, and his wife Margot Moomaw, a consultant on energy use by homeowners, about the gorgeous all-solar house they built in an effort to live a climate-friendly life. [more]
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 Mothers Out Front Humankind   234 

Mothers Out Front
A visit with Mothers Out Front, a fascinating group of mothers who come together (usually at houseparties) to focus on the threat that climate change poses to their children and to future generations. [more]
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 Our Food Footprint Humankind   168 

Our Food Footprint
A conversation with the long-time director of the UN's Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, who also directs the Yale Climate and Energy Institute. [more]
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 Passengers Humankind   161, 162, 163, 164 

Most people in metropolitan areas face choices when we travel -- to go by car or to use public transit? These decisions have a huge impact on our wallets, on the environment and on our quality of life. Free download of this two-hour series. [more]

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 Radioactive Humankind   211, 212 

Hear nuclear experts pro and con, an emergency room physician, and a variety of voices telling the story of a controversial reactor in Vermont. [more]

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 Renewables Humankind   213 

Renewable energy (including low-carbon sources like solar and wind) is rapidly shifting to a higher profile sector of the way Americans derive electricity to power homes and workplaces. [more]
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 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Humankind   91 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Who was Francis of Assisi and why is he relevant to us today? What secrets do the mysteries of nature hold? [more]
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 The Diet-Climate Connection Humankind   181,182,184,185 

The Diet-Climate Connection
The most climate-friendly foods are also healthy and tasty! [more]

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 Tree-Lined Streets Humankind   177 

Tree-Lined Streets
Charlie Starbuck, an affable tax attorney, single-handedly has increased the "canopy" of San Francisco by planting more than 7,500 trees, as part of movement known as Friends of the Urban Forest. [more]
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 Urban Naturalist Humankind   107 

Urban Naturalist
Urban naturalist Mike Houck, based in Portland, Oregon, works to preserve the integrity of green spaces in cities because they provide access to nature "where people live" and also play an important ecological role. [more]
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 YES! Camp Humankind   18 

YES! Camp
As summer camp season begins, we travel to a program led by Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) where kids gather to learn, have fun and support each other in their quest for a more sustainable planet. [more]
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18 items • Click on the program title for more information. Result Pages:  1 

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