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Humanizing Health Care[Program HH]
Humanizing Health Care
Bernard Lown, MD
Sharon Lee, MD
Hospitality Volunteers
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bernard Lown, MD Family Health Care with Sharon Lee, MD Hospitality Volunteers helping patients' loved ones

The Human Side of Medicine

For a refreshing alternative to our system of impersonal, rushed health care, hear these physicians and other caregivers who represent a more compassionate style of medicine. They are committed to taking time, listening and re-introducing the crucial human connection in healing.

"Humanizing Health Care" includes these 8 half-hour segments:

1. Nobel Peace Prize-winner Bernard Lown, MD, author of "The Lost Art of Healing", tells how his medical practice was transformed by attentively listening to patients.
2. This moving documentary examines the ethic of service as practiced at Human Service Alliance, an all-volunteer hospice in North Carolina, where all patients receive free care.
3. We visit the Family Health Care clinic in a poor section of Kansas City where employees -- from doctors to the janitor -- are paid the same $11 hourly wage, thus subsidizing low-cost care.
4. An in-depth conversation with the clinic's founder, Sharon Lee, MD, who tells stories of compassionate doctoring and explains her remarkable philosophy of medicine.
5. Volunteer families relate their remarkable experiences of opening their homes to strangers from out of town who need lodging while a loved one is in a hospital.
6. JoBeth Walt, who was severely burned in an accident, tells of her inspiring work at a San Francisco hospital, helping young burn survivors learn self-acceptance.
7. Albert T. Murphy comments on profound lessons gained from his life's work with special needs children and helping their parents cope. He looks at the hidden potential within all people. (from "Kindred Spirits")
8. Rev. Ray Hammond, a Philadelphia prodigy admitted to Harvard at age 15, describes how he became an emergency room physician and now leads a church co-founded with his wife, also a physician.

These programs also appear in other volumes of our Humankind series, which are available as individual MP3 downloads.

ISBN # 1-886373-31-0
(4 hours)

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