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Peacemakers[Program PM]
Ben Tajae Gaynor Jonathan Granoff
Ending war with former Nuremberg Prosecutor Ben Ferencz Alternatives to violence with Tajae Gaynor Eliminating Nuclear Weapons with Jonathan Granoff

The Art of Making Peace
As a counterpoint to the tide of violence and militarism, these unsung peace heroes tell of dramatic breakthroughs in efforts to prevent bloodshed and promote human understanding.

"Peacemakers" includes these 10 half-hour segments:

Benjamin Ferencz, an American who prosecuted Nazis at the Nuremberg trials, declares war as "the greatest crime."

"Getting to Yes" co-author William Ury, who has helped broker peace in world hotspots, disputes the belief that war is inevitable.

A portrait of the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine, where Palestinian and Israeli teenagers make friends with "the other side."

Julie Goschalk, daughter of two holocaust survivors, was willing to examine her limits in dialogues with children of Nazi-era Germans.

An audio memoir by Ahmed Kathrada, jailmate of Nelson Mandela, who feels reconciliation in S. Africa requires forgiveness.

Jonathan Granoff Esq. devotes much of his time to raising awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Louise Diamond, author of "The Courage for Peace," has practiced "citizen diplomacy" in the Mideast, Cyrpus and Bosnia.

After a friend died in his arms from a stabbing, a soft-spoken young man from the Bronx, Tajae Gaynor, led an anti-violence crusade.

In the wake of abortion clinic shootings, leaders from both the pro-choice and pro-life camps have held secret talks for more than five years and discovered -- remarkably -- a deep bond of affection and respect, and learned a lot about how to listen.

These programs also appear in other volumes of our Humankind series, which are available as individual MP3 downloads. (5 hours)
ISBN # 1-886373-32-9

Total time: 29 minutes

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