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How Much Is Enough?[Program HE]
How Much Is Enough?

"Your desires are endless. But if you have a purpose in life that's larger, you can locate that point of enough."

Vicki Robin, New Roadmap Foundation
from "How Much is Enough?"

Originally heard on public radio's "Marketplace," this program set explores why people are consciously turning from materialism to a lifestyle that relies more on inner fulfillment. You'll learn practical ways to scale-down -- and make more time for yourself.

Part 1 presents the ideas, experiences -- and quiet joy -- of individuals who have chosen a simpler life.

Included are provocative comments by Joe Dominguez, a former Wall Streeter who for 25 years has lived on an austerity budget and devoted his life to charitable service.

Part 2 provides a fascinating documentary history of the the "greed decade" of the 1980s -- and how the sweeping changes of that era may affect your personal finances for years to come. With witty economist John Kenneth Galbraith, public TV's Adam Smith, credit counselor Kathy Pietruszewski and others.

Total time: ~2 hour

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